Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Cassrole Paleo

Sunday breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the week. This morning I had to whip up something sweet and savory. I used a diced sweet potato with chicken and apple sausage, topped with an egg mixture to create a fluffy and decadent texture. This resulted in my Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole, a simple and delicious Paleo breakfast dish.

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Easy Collard Greens

Collard Greens


We are always happy to share our family traditions and incorporate them on Down Home Health. Our New Year’s tradition is common in many Southern homes. We always enjoy collard greens and black eyed peas on the first day of the year. Our mama always said “greens for money and beans for luck!”Alison developed this clean Easy Collard Greens recipe. These collards are healthy and tasty! They definitely have the “melt in your mouth” status! [click to continue…]

Sarah’s Weight Loss Success Story

Sarah Prochaska

Alison and I started Down Home Health as a way to share our health stories, tasty recipes, and resourceful information. We are constantly seeking inspiration through other bloggers, health advocates/professionals, and especially from our friends and family.

I recently saw a post from an old college friend, Sarah, who has made phenomenal progress on her weight loss journey. I was incredibly intrigued that Sarah has accomplished this through a Paleo diet regimen. Sarah has graciously agreed to share some of her success story with Down Home Health. See our conversation and her ‘before and after’ picture [click to continue…]

It’s Fall and we have exciting news!

It’s Fall and we have exciting news! thumbnail

Our family is happy to announce that Alison and Jeff will be welcoming a new baby in March 2015!

We are all beyond excited; being an uncle has been my most favorite role thus far in life. It’s absolutely amazing to see how quickly a little life can develop. I have been receiving weekly text updates from Alison about the baby’s developmental progress, which is fascinating, but my favorite part is always the end of the description (this particular “baby watch” app relates the baby’s size to food and other inanimate objects). I keep everyone in my office well informed. “We have a blueberry this week!” or “Guess what guys!? We have a kumquat!!”

We won’t know the sex until the baby arrives (TOP SECRET)- but…my guess is boy! [click to continue…]

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes thumbnail

Fall is right around the corner, one of the best times of the year! We love to watch college football, go apple picking, and find that perfect pumpkin for Halloween. I love pumpkin everything! Our mom always made a delicious pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  Every time I get the chance to smell a pumpkin pie, fresh out of the oven, it brings me back to those wonderful memories of our mama in the kitchen. [click to continue…]